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Tracking pdf downloads

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We have a website hosted by SquareSpace and are using GA to get our statistics.  One of the metrics we are looking for is the number of pdf downloads by document, i.e. we need to know which reports have been downloaded and how many times they have been downloaded.  Problem is, we have been unable to find a way to get the correct code snippet inserted in the page header.  Any ideas as to how this can be done?  Thank you.

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Re: Tracking pdf downloads

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Can you implement Google Tag Manager?

If yes you can use the auto event tracking feature in GTM to track those downloads:

If you can't put GTM you need to put the event tracking code on the actual download button (not in the header).
So each download button should have a code like this:
ga('send', 'event', 'Videos', 'play', 'Fall Campaign');

This is explained here:

Re: Tracking pdf downloads

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We have investigated all the suggested solutions. The problem is, we have been unable to inject the required code into our SquareSpace site. They have not been able to find us a solution, so we have turned to the GA community to see if anyone has some ideas.

David M

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Re: Tracking pdf downloads

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Hi, David,

I'm not familiar with SquareSpace at all, but from reviewing their support pages, I came across this, which says that:


Universal Analytics currently falls out of the scope of our integration with Google Analytics. Until Google retires Classic Analytics codes, tracking code for Universal Analytics must be added in Code Injection, and we can’t offer more help on any custom code modifications.

It suggests to use code injection in the header. So what you can do is to place some JavaScript in that injection section so that you can capture PDF download clicks. The code might look something like this, if you are using jQuery (untested, so use at your own risk):

ga('send', 'event', 'download', 'pdf', $(this).text().trim());

So this basically enables you to track as an event the clicks of any PDF on your page.

Nicky Yuen, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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