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Tracking path to contact form submit?

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I have a situation where a site I am working on has a call to action section on the page that links to the contact page and we are wanting to track how the people that got to the contact form page and submitted it got there.


Is using the reverse goal path the best way to do this? According to this page: you can filter it down to only paths you care about - correct?


Like so if we didn't want to track people that went to the page from the standard link in the nav, we could just enter in all the paths we care about instead - or is it possible to enter in paths you don't care about instead (so a quicker way to do it in my scenario).


Another way I thought of doing this was to pass like a query variable with the page name for that identifies the page they are coming from - this can then be loaded into the contact form and be checked on submission - then you could set it up as an event for each type.


What is generally the preferred way to accomplish this and which is better for the average client to understand within their analytics account?


Thanks very much!