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Tracking leads to affiliate site

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Hi. I am completely new to lead generation, tracking etc so I hope I can make myself understood.


I have created a landing page with the purpose of getting potential purchasers to subscribe to receive a factsheet about a product.


This information is on a second page. This second page contains buttons which say buy now.


When a button is pressed it takes a potential purchaser to my affiliate page (with my affiliate URL displayed in the browser panel) of the company/product i am associated with.


1. Can I track the purchaser to my affiliate site and:

2. Can I track them based on their email address they used to get the information for the second page.

3. Can I find out if that person has purchased the product even though i am only the affiliate

4. Is there a way of finding out who purchased and who hasn’t? Then I could target the non-purchasers with an email campaign and the purchasers with regular updates about the product.


My site is a Wordpress site

My Forms are Gravity Forms

My list is in Mailchimp


Hope this makes sense



Re: Tracking leads to affiliate site

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Hi Colin,

Sadly a lot of what you're asking for can't be accomplished with Google Analytics as it prohibits the collection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). See

Tracking users' email addresses in Google Analytics is therefore not possible; this answers point 2 in your post. Other analytics tools will capture much more Personally Identifiable Information that Google Analytics will allow; take a look at Woopra or Heap.

Re: your other questions, tracking what happens once they jump from your site to the online shop is only possible if the online shop chooses to share their analytics data with you. You can ask, but typically it's not the accepted norm that all analytics data will be shared with affiliates.

Best of luck!


Re: Tracking leads to affiliate site

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Thank Yoiu for the information. I’ll try to see if your suggestion will
help me. C