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Tracking data between 2 websites

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I have a 2 websites called website A and website B . In website A  I have a button that redirects to website B . In website B I have added the google analytics code, Whenever the redirection happens in the google analytics I am seeing the sources as direct instead of referral. So what do i need to do to make the redirections as referral. 


Thank you for any kind of help.

Re: Tracking data between 2 websites

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Hi Mujtaba,

Here are some common reasons why traffic shows up as direct:

-Clicking a link from an email (depending on email provider/program)
-Clicking a link from a Microsoft Office or PDF document.
-Accessing the site from a shortened URL (depending on the URL shortener).
-Clicking a link from a Mobile social media apps like Facebook or Twitter. Phone apps often do not pass referrer information.
-Going to a non-secure (http) site from a link on a secure (https) site, as the secure site won’t pass a referrer to the non-secure site.

One way to fix this is to add tracking parameters to the landing page of Website B so that it recognizes Website A and carries over that data. You can use the URL builder tool that Google offers:

Hope that helps!