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Tracking adwords>leadpages>Mailchimp>conversions

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I am attempting to track how many people converted from my adwords attempts. The campaign that I am trying to track is a free ebook promo campaign that sends people to a leadpages page that captures emails, in which mailchimp sends out a 10 day email drip campaign. The leadpages page is being tracked by a separate property under the same analytics account than the main store. I was wondering if the data from the leadpages property will transfer over to the main store property with the ecommerce data so I can see the leads from adwords in the multichannel funnels view. 


Thank you! 

Re: Tracking adwords>leadpages>Mailchimp>conversions

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I don't see no reason not. As long as you have the goal set up in the main view and your tracking campaigns the same way in both view this data should pull in the same.

Data should be in the Acquisition reports.