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Tracking Sales Data from all Sources (Organic, AdWords, etc...)

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A couple months ago, I posted that I was having trouble tracking all of the sales data for a client's website.


It was discovered that since customers were being taken to a 3rd party site ( to finalise the transaction, some of the order data wasn't making it to Analytics.


I was told that if I were to make it so the entire sales process occurred under the primary domain, that all sales data would make it to Analytics.


So, we purchased an SSL certificate for the site and now the entire sales process occurs under the primary domain of the site. But, we're still missing lots of sales data in Analytics. When I look at the list of transactions, I can see there are several orders missing from the list.


Can anyone recommend to me what to do about this? We want to be able to track all sources so we can tell the client what is working and what isn't.


Do I need to include more info for assistance - please let me know if there are any other details you need.



Re: Tracking Sales Data from all Sources (Organic, AdWords, etc...)

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Hi James,

There are a number of possibilities here,
- You should check if the time zone of GA and your backend is the same
- Orders for a specific products are missing
- Check order for country / browser and devices to see from where the data leaks.
- make test purchases to see that data is being passed to GA using this extension

Hope this helps
Noman Karim