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Tracking Goal Completion Location in Custom Reports

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My company runs a number of different projects and the only way (or so I believe) I can distinguish traffic to the project pages and conversions that happen on these pages is with a filtered page search.

My goals fire after an equity form is completed on a project page so in order to see how many  conversions occurred, I filter by Goal Completion Location in the Conversions section of Analytics. My problem is that I can't work out how to replicate this with a custom report and I want to set up individual performance reports for all my projects.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Tracking Goal Completion Location in Custom Reports

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A few questions for you Andrew, 


1) Is project synonymous with landing page? 

2) Are all these projects being run on the same domain? 

3) How are you receiving traffic? Is it all from the same channel? Does each project have a unique campaign or source? If so, are you using UTM tracking? 

4) Every time they complete a project page goal is it the same goal across the goal or unique goals for each project? 


Regarding custom reports, it's relatively simple: 

1) Go to Customization and select "+New Custom Report" 

2) Fill out the data you're looking for (if you have multiple goals for each project then i suggest you 'filter' for different goals or at least create a section in 'Metrics' that filters by goal type. 


For more information check out this article:


Hope this helps!  


Joshua, Rising Star
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Tracking Goal Completion Location in Custom Reports

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Hi Joshua,

Thanks for taking the time to help!

1: No, conversions can be made anywhere on the site and the projects all have multiple pages (e.g. overview, gallery, etc), but conversions made on a particular project are considered conversions for that particular project.


2: Yes, they all share a common .com


3: Traffic come from multiple sources and I'm able to see what traffic is resulting in conversions by looking in the Conversions section GA.


4: It is the same goal - i.e. "project enquiry"


My problem is that although I can add in the Goals in the metrics, I can't select an appropriate filter. When filtering in the Conversions section of GA, I'm able to use "Goal Completion Location" as my source, but I can't to do that with a custom report. It doesn't seem to be an option.