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Tracking, Events, Firebase, etc

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First of all. I am bad with technology. How bad? It took me a while to figure out how to ask this question. So if you answer, use baby steps for me.


I am on 4.1 of google analytics where you set up the fake myoutdoostore practice thing, but I think I missed a step in 3.2. So I click on the about events page and it says to read set up event. And the first thing there says if your using google tag manager read analytics events. I set up a GoogleTagManager, but have no containers and it keeps asking me to put java at the top of every page. First of all, how do I create a page and where do I put the script? What does this have to do with tracking and events?


As of right now. I have a google analytics account (confirmed because that is question one of 4.1) and GoogleTagManager account with nothing connected and no idea what to do with: javascript, containers, how to setup Tracking (web), events, tagging. Everything came crashing down at once, when in order to do one thing, I had to read about another and in order to complete that I had to read and set up something else. Anyway, any help you can give me will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Tracking, Events, Firebase, etc

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Hi :-)
To clarify so as to avoid confusion later - Java and javascript are not the same thing.
Javascript, which is what the GA tracking code is (and Google Tag Manager container code) and they run in a person's browser only. 

The stuff you are referring to for 3.2 (to the best of my memory) - is simply further reading re event tracking and setting up events.
At this stage too.. you are using Google Analytics.. Google Tag Manager is a later module in Analytics Academy. It is also useful but I think until you work thru the rest of the analytics academy courses and get a good handle on google analytics, google tag manager will add to your confusion.

Section 4.1 deals with creating your GA Account - which you state you have done.. and then 4.2 is learning about how GA accounts are structured re Properties (for web and apps) and their associated Views and how to add those to a GA Account.

Your Google Account (the one you log in with) can create (and/or manage) up to 100 GA Accounts. Each of those GA Accounts can house up to 50 Properties for either Web or Apps and each of those Properties in an Account can have 1-25 Views for various reporting purposes.

So for 4.2 you need to create one or more Properties and Views to reflect the example shown at the beginning of the exercise.

Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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