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Tracking ECommerce Conversion in Donorshops for Google Ads

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I'm running some Google Ads for my organization. We use Donorshops as our shop platform. I'm able to see Donorshops conversion rate data in Google Analytics, but for some reason, I'm not able to break this down by medium.
'Order Received' is a Google Analytics goal set up by someone at my organization. By looking at this goal, I am able to see what medium gets people to the order received page (so I can tell that people ARE getting to this page from the grant). 
However, this goal is tracking conversions based on HITS to the ORDER REVIEW screen. Someone could click their order review screen 4, 10, 20, 90 times. They are sent a review link in their email so they can continue accessing it long after their order is submitted. This is messing with our data.
So my question is, how do I track a single e-commerce conversion with Donorshops. They referred me to you.


Tracking ECommerce Conversion in Donorshops for Google Ads

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Hi @Kate M,


I completely understand - it's a pain.


If you go through your checkout funnel, isn't there another page before "Order Review" and after making a purchase? I mean "thank-you" page that people will see after making a purchase.


If they only see "Order review" page after making a purchase, it's a problem. Like you mentioned, people can land on this "Order review" page 2 days later on well by clicking on the link that has been sent to their email.


I know a trick that should help you get rid of this problem. You'll need to use Google Tag Manager and e-commerce tracking in order to make it work properly. Here you can read more about GTM: Link 1Link 2. Yes, you need e-commerce tracking if you're running an e-commerce store. It's not enough (not that accurate) if you're only using Goals in Google Analytics to track sales.


Solution: Use a trigger in GTM where the referrer for the transaction tag has to be the previous page in the process. It will block all the duplication transactions from the visitor returning directly to the confirmation page.


Keep that in mind - you'll still come across with some problems if the thank you page is not HTTPS and the previous page is HTTPS payment portal (document.referrer would be blank), or if the funnel is dynamic where the URL of the previous page might vary. But then you could build a lookup table in GTM for all the possibilities so it's not a big problem.


This is the best advice that I can give. Hope this helps.


Looking forward to hearing from you.