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Tracking AdWord conversions in GA via Events?

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I have a small AdWords campaign running, visitors reach a specific landing page with a 'contact us' form (tracked in AdWords conversions), but visitors appear to be browsing the site carefully to find information about us before visiting another generic 'contact us' page for the rest of the site.


1. Can I use Event Tracking in GA to capture these AdWords visitors and report on them separately from all the other Organic visitors?


2. If "Yes", how the heck do I achieve it - any good guides out there?




Re: Tracking AdWord conversions in GA via Events?

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let me get this right

visit from adw - land on landing page - use form = tracked in adwords
visit from adw - land on landing page - do NOT use form instead cruise the site for info - navigate to general contact page and use the form there = NOT tracked in adwords

- do you have a unique page URL load after the generic contact form?
Do you prefer to view your goals in AdWords interface or in Analytics?
i would set both as Analytics goals then just go to AdWords section of Analytics and you can see what you need - goals from different campaigns / ad groups etc.

Re: Tracking AdWord conversions in GA via Events?

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That's absolutely right David.

Not currently - we use WordPress and Contact Form 7, but I could add a simple "Thank You" page, would be a pain as we have about 20 different forms (one per practice area).
Not too bothered where I see the conversions - AdWords would obviously be better for simpler reporting, but I'm not too fussed, just need a solution to my problem :-)

Thanks, your help is really appreciated.

Re: Tracking AdWord conversions in GA via Events?

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If you add a thank you page then you can set up a goal in Analytics to count the loading of that page.
You can then view that in GA AdWords
OR you can put the AdWords tracking code onto that thank you page.
You can make one thank you page that all 20 of your forms load
OR you can make 20 separate thank you page i.e. thank-you-location-name
the benefit to the 20 pages is that you'llknow how many goal seach location got if that is of any value to you.

does that answer your Q fully or is there more?

Re: Tracking AdWord conversions in GA via Events?

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Thanks David, I was hoping not to go down the route of having 20 thank you pages, but it appears to be the best option.
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