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Track Same Goal But From Different Source - Adwords to Mailchimp to Booking completion Page

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Hello everyone Smiley Happy


I have a good question for you today!


My client has a booking page on their website where people can make an appointment and pay.


I have that goal setup and it's working great. 


Previously I would simply import that goal to adwords and be done with it but I'm trying a new strategy. 


I'm sending adwords traffic to a landing page where the person can enter their email for a special offer. 


They are immediately taken to the booking form but on a different page (it's called Launch27 and you can embed the booking form, so i created a different booking page for that).


At the same time the email is sent to mailchimp and a series of emails is started (all the utm parameters are added to every email).


Now, I can't change the url of where they are sent after booking - it's a actually a virtual pageview (although I am using an event to track the goal). 


So whats the best way to setup all this tracking so that adwords can track conversions?


Do i need a seperate a goal or can i continue to use the one I have (it's reporting in adwords currently). 


I'm a little bit lost atm and would appreciate any guidance Smiley Happy