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Summary Total Differs From DrillDown Totals in eCommerce & MCF Reports

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I've just started to look at MCF and Assisted conversion figures.


On my assisted conversion report I can see for my Social Network Channel Grouping I have 128 assisted conversions that add up to £11,000 Assisted conversion value.


When I drilldown into the Grouping I only see 20 assisted conversions and around £2,000 Value - attributed to Facebook.


Why am I missing 100 assisted conversions when I drill-down?


We get a lout of traffic from Naver - a South Korean web portal. This reports as Social traffic in Acquisition so I'm wondering if this is getting added to the summary page but is not included on the drill-down pages in Assisted Conversions and Conversions in general.


My Naver traffic is included in my referrals channel for Assisted Conversions.


This is causing quite a significant discrepancy and I was wondering if any one could help.





Re: Summary Total Differs From DrillDown Totals in eCommerce & MCF Reports

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Hi Lee,


in the MCF assisted conversion report, could you please try to add "source / medium" as a secondary dimension?


In this way, you should be able to see the source / medium value for all channels that have been grouped as "Social" by Google Analytics, and see what you have been missing in your current drilldown.


Schermata 06-2457570 alle 16.49.00.pngExample of Assisted conversion MCF report with secondary dimension added


Please, take into consideration that assisted conversion cannot be summed up, so don't worry if the sum of the single source / medium components of Social Network, after you add the secondary dimension, is larger than the aggregated value of Social Network, when the secondary dimension is removed. 



Concerning Naver, notice that the Channel grouping sets can be more than one and can be customized, so it is likely that in the Acquisition Report you are seeing one Channel Grouping set, and in the MCF reports you are seeing a different Channel Grouping set. The two sets may have different grouping criteria, therefore showing Naver in different groups.


Also, I think that the default channel grouping in the acquisition report can be different from the default MCF channel grouping report. Here are the definitions (honestly, I haven't checked if there is any difference between the two):


Acquisition channel grouping:


MCF channel grouping:



Moreover, If you go to your GA panel, Admin --> View, you can also customize your own channel grouping set, according to your preferred criteria, and then you can use this customized channel grouping set in both reports (acquisition and MCF).


For example, you can do it in the Custom Channels Grouping setting.


Schermata 06-2457570 alle 16.54.49.pngThe Admin --> View settings, which include Channel Settings and Custom Channel Groupings 


Hope it helps!


I wish you a wonderful day,