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Spaces in goal destination URLs

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I have a site that has spaces in the destination URL. When I'm setting up goals in Google Analytics, do I need to include %20 wherever there is spaces, or will Google Analytics automatically pick that up?


Ideally, I should just insert a hyphen where the space is, but my developer wanted me to ask here first.


Your feedback and/or advice would be greatly appreciated.



Spaces in goal destination URLs

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Hi Bryan,


I recommend using a regular expression match type. It's a safe bet.

To create a white space in a regular expression, just use the white space or "." (dot). A dot matches any character. It’s like a wildcard.


I recommend testing these destination URLs first using this amazing regex tool to make sure that they work properly:


If you're still not 100% sure, you can easily create a test view in Google Analytics and test it out first and then implement it on your master view later on.


Hope this helps. @Bryan S let us know if you have any question.