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Source/medium follow-through

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I currently have a PPC campaign that clicks through to a number of landing pages I set up via Instapage. These landing pages then link through to the main site. Initially I was using source/medium utm's at each stage (ppc=google/cpc instapage=?instapageid?/instapage). However because we currently use a last click attribution model, conversions are being attributed to the Instapages instead of PPC. If I only added a source UTM to the instapage->main site, would the original medium of "cpc" from the PPC campaign still be attributed to conversions?


I should also mention that links into the Instapages won't always be PPC, so adding a second medium of "cpc" is a no-go.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Source/medium follow-through

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Hi @Sam T,

I am assuming you are using the custom domain name in instapage which is same as your website.

You can use UTM for the traffic from PPC campaigns --> InstaPages
Use Analytics Events for Instapages -- > Main Site. (using UTMs here will override the previous ones)

This will ensure that the original source/medium/campaigns (of visitors entering instapage) are retained. 

Hope this helps,
Ritwik B


Source/medium follow-through

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Great suggestions thanks @Ritwik B