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Source & Medium not showing properly for event

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Hi Analytics jedis,


Our website uses dynamic URLs. For this reason, we decided to track our main conversion (apply to position) with an event recording the clicks on the button driving the conversion


ex. user visit our website, navigate, and finally finds what he was looking for. He click on the "apply" button.


This is our conversion tracked by a goal in Analytics. Our event records this click.  


While the number of conversions in Analytics matches our internal data, for some reason, the source/medium of this conversion is not correctly recorded by Analytics (cf goal completion report here), as most of the traffic appears as 'direct / none' which is virtually impossible. Note that all of our sources of traffic (ads, newsletter, etc) use proper UTM tagging. 


Anyone had this case before, or could direct me to the right direction? Could it be that I'm reading the report wrong, or that the event wasn't correctly configured? 


Any clue is valuable!

Thanks a lot


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Re: Source & Medium not showing properly for event

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Hi Julien, I think that the problem lies somewhere else. Report that you look at contains basically the same data as Acquistion=> Source/Medium report. Registering your conversion by event has nothing to do with source/medium assigning by GA. Problem lies probably with campaign tagging or referral overwriting along the way. There could be plenty of reasons why it happens. For example if you have redirection from https site to http then browser will not pass referrer information and traffic will be recorded as Direct/none.

Please refer to:


There you can see how GA tracks referral - maybe you can locate your problem using that diagram?

Could you provide URL of your site in question? I'll look into it

Re: Source & Medium not showing properly for event

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Hi Andrzej,

Thanks so much for you answer and offer to help. The website is if you want to have a look. In the meantime, I'll see if your doc helps me find some insights and report it here if I do.

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Re: Source & Medium not showing properly for event

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I think you may try to do a little experiment - add your own specific utm_source and utm_medium to your page link (e.g. Enter your site through that link. Then go to Real-Time->Traffic Sources report in GA. You should see user with source "test123" and medium "test123". Click on either your custom source on medium. This way you'll filter report to track only your own actions (I recommend opening this GA window on separate screen so you can easily look at it).

Now go to Real-Time->Content. There you should see the page you're actually on. At this moment just browse through your web page toward conversion page. Every time you change page look at "Content" report that you opened and see if it's displaying your actual page (it has a couple second of delay so be a little patient). Page at which your report will stop updating is the place where source/medium is getting lost hence GA stops updating page for your custom source/medium.

Re: Source & Medium not showing properly for event

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Hi Olgierd,

Thanks a million again. I did the test you recommended, and went through the conversion process. The report never stopped updating and kept the UTM tags all through the conversion.

I thought I was looking at the wrong report so I double checked. but all of my conversions appears as coming from source (direct) & medium (none).

I did the test again, looking carefully at all the stages, and all of them were showing an active user for my test UTMs correctly.

I tried to look at the assisted conversion report, too, and no assisted conversion appear for this conversion either, meaning medium and source for this conversion are completely lost.

I must say I'm confused, I don't understand what may be happening.

Any idea?

Re: Source & Medium not showing properly for event

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Hi Olgierd (changed your name? Smiley Happy )

I set up 2 more goals using event conversion, to complete our funnel. So now I have goals for Sign up > Apply > Confirm Trip.
The 2 new goals have the same issue than the previous one. I have done your real-time test again with our sign up goal, and something interesting happens:


- Analytics correctly tracks the conversion (Traveler Sign Up) 


- My test session's medium & source are correctly tracked, event after the conversion is made


- But for some reason, the goal conversion isn't attributed to my test session ):

As this is happening to all 3 goals, I'm thinking that there might be an issue with the configuration of the goal or the event, but I'm clueless as to where to look at to identify the issue Smiley Sad


Any hint more than welcome!



Re: Source & Medium not showing properly for event

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Hi Julien,

Didn't change my name - just adjusted the mistake Google made Smiley Happy. As for your problem - can you provide configuration of the goals visible on the screenshot? Also if you could show me an exemplary conversion path on your website I would go and test it myself to try to find what can be wrong.

Additionally try to do the same test as before but with console open (Chrome: F12, Console tab). Anytime you go to next step in your conversion path go to Console and enter "document.referrer" (without "") and hit Enter. You should see what referrer brought you to the page you're currently on. The moment it changes is the moment something happened that changed source/medium of your visit (maybe HTTP->HTTPS->HTTP redirect?)
In order to make the test more reliable send yourself an email with test link and open it from there - this way you'll have non-direct source of your visit in document.referrer so it would be easier to spot any changes in it. Anytime you want to do the test clear the cookies first.

Alternatively (instead of console) you can use Network tab in Chrome's console and look for event starting with "collect" (assuming you use Universal Analytics) there you can find query parameter called dr - it's the same as hitting document.referrer in Console tab but you can see it for every data that is getting sent to Google Analytics.

Re: Source & Medium not showing properly for event

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Hey Olgierd,

The configuration of the goal is the following:
Category: Traveler
Action: Sign Up

The conversion path for this goal would be:
- Connect to
- Click on Sign Up
- Select one of the option (email or Facebook)
- Fill in the basic information and click on sign up. This is where the event triggers the sign up convertion, when clicking on that button.

I will do the test you recommended right now and report the findings here.
Thanks man!

Re: Source & Medium not showing properly for event

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I cleared my browsing data, including the cookies first, sent myself an email and did the test with the console open.
No HTTP->HTTPS->HTTP redirect at any point, but document referrer always returns the previous page.
On the LP, the document referrer returns "" as if there were no referrer.
On the following page, it returns my test URL:"
And then the following ""

I'm not sure what to make of this, though, to be honest.

Re: Source

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Hi Julien

I meant how did you set up your goal technically in GA, how it's exactly
configured. Can you make a screenshot upload it to and paste a
link to it here?

Then I'll do some more testing.