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Single Transaction ID but Multiple Transactions - How?

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Some of website's transaction showing that with single Transaction ID there are
multiple transactions - How it's happening?


Does having both Google Analytics code and GTM on website results to such kind of multiple transaction issues? OR, There is a problem with GTM? How to detect and solve?

Single Transaction ID but Multiple Transactions - How?

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Hi @Anirban S,

There might be many reasons to this but mostly I would suggest checking if
- You have implemented ecommerce transaction through only one of the tag (GTM or analytics.js)
- You have a thank you page, which user can visit twice (via bookmarking, you emailing transaction success link, etc)
Sol - You can trigger ecommerce transaction on previous page (confirm order button click)
OR You can use cookies to identify repeat users & block transactions 
Check :
Or use server side logic to fire ecommerce transaction code only once on thankyou page.

- No other page (other than thankyou) is firing transaction hit 

Ritiwk B