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Single Transaction, Double the Revenue

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For just a single product category I am seeing literally double the amount of revenue that I should. A single transaction from that category shows the correct quantity, avg price, etc. but the revenue is exactly 2x. Where should I be looking to resolve this?

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Re: Single Transaction, Double the Revenue

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Hello @Jason_J,

Somehow the dynamic revenue component of the ecommerce conversion tracking code has been placed twice. Or it could be that you are tracking revenues both with AdWords conversion tracking as well as Google Analytics ecommerce tracking. Somehow the page contains two instances and you'll need to find and remove the duplicate instance.

Let me know if that helps!


Re: Single Transaction, Double the Revenue

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Hi Jason J,


How are you tracking your transactions? Via the plugin method? Data layer? Something else?

Are you able to post the plugin or dataLayer transaction code you are using? It may look something like this (plugin method):


Screenshot - 8_9_2016 , 4_37_55 PM.png


or something like this (dataLayer method):


Screenshot - 8_9_2016 , 4_38_36 PM.png

It could be that you are sending inaccurate transaction data, or as Nick C alluded to, you may have some other inaccuracies.

Nicky Yuen, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Re: Single Transaction, Double the Revenue

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Here is what we have setup in GTM right now


function() {

  var productnames = document.getElementsByClassName("product-name");
  var productname = productnames[0].innerHTML;
  var productqty = Number(document.getElementsByClassName("form-control")[1].value);
  var parentclickelement =  {{Click Element}}.parentElement;
  var parentclickelementchild =  parentclickelement.children[0];
  var productpricestring =  parentclickelementchild.children[1].innerHTML;
  var productprice =  Number(productpricestring.replace("$",""));
  var pageURL = {{URL}};
  var productcategory = ''
  var productid = document.getElementsByClassName("item-no")[0].innerHTML.replace("Item#","").replace(" ","")
  if (pageURL.indexOf("products/books") > 0 ) { var productcategory = 'ANN' };
  if (pageURL.indexOf("products/cds") > 0 ) { var productcategory = 'CD' };
  if (pageURL.indexOf("products/reference-books") > 0 ) { var productcategory = 'REF' };

  var ecommerceData = {
      'ecommerce': {
        'add': { // 'add' actionFieldObject measures.
          'products': [{ //  adding a product to a shopping cart.
            'name': productname,
            'id': productid,
            'price': productprice,
            'brand': 'XXXXX',
            'category': productcategory,
            'quantity': productqty ,
            'list': ''
    return ecommerceData;

Re: Single Transaction, Double the Revenue

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I cannot find where any piece of code or the process is being duplicated even though that makes the most sense.