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Setting custom metric instead of revenue for conversion value when importing goals from Analytics

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Hello, I have a client which has Google Analytics with E-commerce, when Adwords account was started we tried to import goals from there for conversions in Adwords, however later I understood that actual revenue value in E-commerce doesn't represent their profit per transaction (it's revenue as it's stated), profit is shown in custom metric column


Basing on that since we wanted to optimize our campaigns per profit (not revenue), we didn't find a way to force Adwords to take conversion value from custom metric instead of revenue when goal is imported

So to avoid that and not to restructure Analytics to show actual profit in Revenue, we went instead with integrating Adwords pixel

However that brought issues with details about each conversion (we can see only search terms & keywords if we want to know more about them)

And because Adwords pixel uses Last-click attribution and Analytics are different, they have different data, so we cannot really take data about them from Analytics

So we use internal system to find bookings with same profit value, which is painful on a large amount of transactions


I wanted to ask if there are any ways to solve this as such:

1) Restructuring current E-commerce is order to send profit to Revenue instead of actual revenue? And then importing goal from Analytics to Adwords with disabling pixel




2) Is there any way we can get all the details regarding conversions made through pixel and attributed to Adwords? For example to solve duplicates, we're now sending also transaction number as recommended by Google - is there way to see all the attributed to Adwords transactions?


Thank you in advance for help