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Sending event to GA for conversion through GTM

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Hello! I am ripping my hair out.


I have GTM installed on my site and it's pulling GA (universal). This is all working fine.


I have a certain area of the site that I want to load a pixel to fire a conversion and event in GA.


img onload="ga('send', 'event', ' Inquiry', 'Submitted', 'Fall 2016 ', '1');" src="" /



I put in all my criteria into GA as a goal.


So I load the page and I don't see anything under either events or conversions in GA, even if I switch to real time. Do I need to do something in Google Tag Manager to pass this event to GA? I found tons of tutorials on how to set up events in TM so I don't have to manually deploy, but in this specific case, I want to manually use my code above to trigger an event and conversion in GA. So how do I pass the event above to GA so that I can trigger a conversion? What am I doing wrong?


Sending event to GA for conversion through GTM

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You can't use "native" GA methods (such as ga('send','event')) inline when using GTM.


In your example, your code should look something like this:






  'eventLabel':'Fall 2016',




In GTM you then need to:

1) Enable the Event variable

2) Create four dataLayer variables for the dataLayer values eventCategory, eventAction, eventLabel and eventValue


Then setup a trigger to fire on the "event" event and then your Universal Analytics Event Tag. Use the 'event' trigger to fire the tag and set the category, action, label and value fields to the newly created variables.


Sending event to GA for conversion through GTM

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Hi Kristian,


Nice idea! However you are choosing a wrong implementation. As you know GTM and analytics are not able to be inside of the images. So when the user arrives to the .jpg image url GTM and GA are no firing. 


In order to track how many people visit that particular image, you need track the link click. So you need to choose in GTM a Universal GA event and the firing rule must be click links. Then you need to click on some links and chose Click URL "contains":".


You can use this method also for PDF