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Segments & User IDs

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Sorry if I've chosen the wrong location for this post, but I couldn't find a logical entry point.


At work, I'm developing/monitoring a web application around which we recently implemented GA. It's been massively helpful to this point, however I'm looking to get more granular insights about specific user segments.


We are using GA's User ID anonymization, and while I can (very tediously) map anonymized users back to their respective actual IDs, I was hoping that I could create a segment made up of a select sub-set of User IDs. 


For example (the Problem): I want to be able to see usage of all clients from Vertical X, compared to Vertical Y. While there's no built in segment to accommodate this (obviously), if I can create a segment to house "Vertical X" and another to house all users in "Vertical Y," I'm assuming I'll be able to extrapolate a lot of useful insights.


If anyone could point me in the right direction towards solving this problem, I would so greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much!

Re: Segments & User IDs

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Hi Jordan,


It's great to hear from you. You're in the right place.


It really depends on which kind of segment you'd like to build. You can build a completely new advanced segment and work with conditions and sequences.


You can isolate and analyze subsets of data, for example, specific User IDs in Google Analytics:


Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 02.13.07.png


The pipe (|) means OR in Google Analytics. If you'd like to learn more about regular expressions, I recommend reading those topics: 




If you'd like to learn more about advanced segments in GA, you should read this guide:


Hope this helps. Let me know how it goes @Jordan M.