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Reverse Goal Path Only Showing Final Step

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In my GA account I'm trying to see what pages my user was visiting before reaching a goal completion page. However my "Added to cart" goal shows (entrance) as the previous step for almost all of my users, which doesn't make sense as you normally have to visit the page of the item you're purchasing to hit the add to cart button. 


The pages that have my product on them are, but once you add an item to a cart you're directed to a different URL which we use to manage our online cart (So our goal conversion page is but the page you would be on before is I have domain referral exclusions set up for both domains, and our tag manager code on both pages. 


The only thing that is different about the Added to Cart page that I think could be possibly causing it is the way the tag manager code is implemented.. On our main domain we have both the <no script> and <script> code in the body tag of the site, while on the Added to Cart domain we only have the <script> code and it's in the header of the site.  I'm aware this isn't ideal, but I don't think this would be responsible for my current problem.


Any help is appreciated!


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Reverse Goal Path Only Showing Final Step

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Hi @Ryan L this usually happens if you do not have cross domain tracking set up which would mean that each time a user adds to cart and is redirected to a different domain, without cross domain support you are effectively creating a new session and a new user thus the add to cart goal previous step is not available as it is the initial hit in the session.


Hope it helps. 


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