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Reports in GA shows different values

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Hi everyone !


I started working with Google Analytics for Android, and I encountered some issues when the app was released. 


I set up the tracker with the following code :


ProductAction productAction = new ProductAction(ProductAction.ACTION_PURCHASE)
                    .setTransactionAffiliation("Google Play Store")

            Product product = new Product()
                    .setCategory("In-App Purchase")

            HitBuilders.ScreenViewBuilder builder = new HitBuilders.ScreenViewBuilder()




And it seemed that it worked when we tested it. Inapps were tracked and we got the total quantities, the price of the products, the total revenue we got per product.


But the last few days, we got unexpected values in our revenues. Some products price were totally wrong (and changed value between each day). At first, I thought it was the taxes, but the product's price we catched real value/transaction was 1.19$, and we got 32$ for 1 transaction (which is impossible even with taxes), sometimes 12$ for the same product. 
It is not the only case, but I took this one because it shows the biggest gap. Sometimes, we got right values, but they got mixed with wrong revenues so it does not show really if we did right or wrong.


Last, I try to print the log of each inapp to see if it was a mistake in our end (because we set the value we send by getting the price in a List with our prices, and it seems that we got the right value at the right time. I run some tests in a blank account and it worked great (for the moment).


By any chance, do you know what may cause such a difference between prices we set and prices that are reported ? I insisted that it worked well (and it works when I test it), but for some mystic reasons (even if nothing is mystic in developpement), it does not work well now.


Thank you very much for your time and patience, and I hope someone might help me on the whereabout of my issues.


Have all a nice day,

Daniel R.


(EDIT : I don't see my previous post, I don't know if it has been deleted or if I misclicked somewhere. Sorry for the dupe)