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Remarketing withe 3rd Parties & tracking CTV

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I've been looking into using 3rd party remarketing platforms such as Adroll and Perfect Audience, I want to increase my reach to more then AdWords.


The big question I have is tracking performance! I use GA to track performance. I know the data will be different, as GA reports Visitors and Adroll / Perfect Audience report on clicks which is fine.


The conversion data is the issue! The Last Interaction model is the same for both GA and Adroll which is good but the problem is the View Trough Conversions (VTC) in Adroll its reporting 1200% higher then in GA how can I analyse this? GA offers much more data then Adroll and tracks in a lot more detail.  


The Attribution Model for GA is by default set to Last Interaction while Adroll's Attribution Model takes credit for CTV and Last Interaction. I use the Linear or Position Based Attribution Model to report CPA depending on the client and what best for them.


Personally I don't value a View-Trough as highly as a interaction but I do find they play a part in the conversion path.


What I would like to know is there away to track VTC from Adroll into GA? In AdWords Remarketing they drop a cookie to track VTC so I can see the assisted conversion path a user took to purchase. I take it Adroll does the same but with no other data. Does anyone have any ideas how to track this data?



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Re: Remarketing withe 3rd Parties & tracking CTV

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So you would need to pass on all the users that saw your ad but did not click the ad but converted later, did I get it right this far?
Since you cannot send any information from pages that show your ads I think the only option is to check if user that arrives to your site has Adroll cookie set. This would be very inaccurate unless there is a way to tell from the cookie contents that users actually saw your ads and not someone elses.

Basically you should use the Adroll tracking in your site to identify that the user has seen your ads and somehow generate message to Google Analytics. Sounds somewhat impossible...
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Re: Remarketing withe 3rd Parties & tracking CTV

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I have spoken with this 3rd parties direct and there is no integration with GA

Adroll data is limited, at least with direct conversions from Adroll, I can see it in Adroll, GA and match it up with the sale, and they all match. With VTC they don't match! Like you said "Sounds somewhat impossible".

Last year Google reported that 56.1% of impressions from the GDN never get seen so from 100 VTC in Adroll only 44 of these had seen the ad, how can you take FULL credit for the conversion. At the end of the day it's about supporting your data, if I said to a client you sold £3,000 worth of products today according to GA and spent £200 in AdWords, they can check their systems and agree, or near enough. That's 2 systems backing up your data.

The thing is, I want to extend my reach on the display network further then just Google. The great thing is, that GA shows me the conversion path a user takes, so I can see where in the conversion path the remarketing came in to it. Adroll doesn't report at this level of detail all it give you is a figure this could be made up as it gives you no other data.