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Related Products: ga:relatedProductQuantity irreproducible

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Hi everyone,

I am very enthusiastic about the out-of-the-box calculation of correlation scores for all the products in my shop.

However I'm having a hard time of reproducing the results of ga:relatedProductQuantity and ga:queriedProductQuantity. I just cannot match those two numbers with the numbers in the product performance report of GA.



Query Product ID: 123

Query Product Name: Product A

Related Product ID: 456

Related Product Name: Product B

Correlation Score: 0.651162

Query Product Quantity: 11

Related Product Quantity: 14


I was now expecting, that I could go into the product performance report and verify those two highlighted numbers. I expected to see (at least) 11 sold product A's and (at least) 14 product B's. "At least" because I assumed that the query/related product quantities show only those transactions, where BOTH products were sold. However, even when I go back in time until the beginning of my GA installation, there are only 4 unique purchases of product A. 


I already established, that correlation scores are calculated by taking all available data into account and do not change with different query time ranges.


My question is: Why can I not reproduce the query/related product quantities. Anyone having the same problem?


thank you,



P.S. The Google Support Page says: Note: ga:queryProductQuantity is quantity of the product being queried. It is included to provide a measure of transaction volume per product, but may not match other Analytics ecommerce metrics. => Is anybody having insights on this last bit of the sentence? Is this the explanation to my problem?

Related Products: ga:relatedProductQuantity irreproducible

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Same issue here. I haven't figured out what's the meaning of "Query Product Quantity" metric and why it doesn't match or approximate GA transactional data.