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Referral exclusion list not working for cross domain tracking

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Hi there,

I tried to set up cross-domain tracking for two domains (e.g. and am using the universal Analytics code and GTM and followed this tutorial:

So, I added the GTM code to both websites, set allowLinker to true, set a constant variable with both domains (, to Auto Link Domains and added both domains to the referral exclusion list in Analytics.

Also, I set the field "Use Debug Version" to true, because I could not set it to a variable "{{Debug Mode}}". I guess the tutorial was made in an older version of GTM. And I set the field "anonymizeIp" to true for other reasons. I do not know if this could have an impact, but I want to give you as much information as possible.


So here is the problem: I visited with source parameters (?utm_source=xxx) in the URL for testing purposes and then clicked from there through to (btw I got the ga parameter). Then in Analytics I only got one session for with the test source, but no pageview for with the test source. Also, even though I added both domains to the referral exclusion list, I still get referrals from in the reports.


What am I doing wrong?