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Pushing product list impressions on demand via GTM

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Hi there,


I'm trying to send product list impressions only when the product is visible in the viewport, and I am able to to get this working via a custom event and GTM. However, this results in the impressions not being listed in regular Product List Impressions - if I try to simply use: ga(‘ec:addImpression’, product); for each product as they become visible, I get errors due to ec not being defined at that point. If I try to ga('require' 'ec') on the same script where I use ga(‘ec:addImpression’..) I end up loading 'ec' twice as it's already being loaded.


Grateful for any pointers as just getting to grips with GTM and EEC!


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Pushing product list impressions on demand via GTM

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Hi, bsod99,


Would you be able to post the code you are using for your impressions? I'm not sure I fully understand the issue yet, and how the 'ec' plugin would become undefined. Thanks!


Nicky Yuen, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Re: Pushing product list impressions on demand via GTM

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Hi Nicky Y, 


Thanks for the reply. Apologies for the lack of detail in the OP. Essentially I'm following this tutorial here for scroll based tracking:


In this tutorial, there is this line to push the impression:  ga(‘ec:addImpression’, product);

I'm using GTM and have set up a custom event that I can use to send the impression data to GA, via the following code, which contains the correct product parameters in the product variable:

'event': 'product_in_viewport',
'impressions' : product

 This pushes the data up to GA but I don't have it in the Product List Impressions - is it possible to use GTM to use the addImpression event instead of a custom one?