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Pulling Source/Medium

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Hopefully I am in the right place.  Is there a way to pull the source and medium (dynamically, organic / google for example) into the URL or better into a database.  Let me explain.


The reasoning is that we are doing a bit of a manual process that cross checks leads converting into sales (trust me the only way that this can be done right now, we are working on it) via a SQL database match.  We are using an old system till the end of the year, and this is the option we have right now.  We know when a lead converted from an application they filled out on our website.  We cross check some items to find if they bought something (this is not an eCommerce based website, leads into sales, very manual).


So in the end we wanted to push source/medium (hidden field possibly) to either populate the in the URL or better one column in the database.


I've checked some posts and it tell me (correct me if I am wrong) that it can only be dynamic if I set the UTM at the source dynamically and not pussing that based on Google break down of how the lead came in.





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Pulling Source/Medium

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once you reach the landing page using natural source recognition (organic search, Adwords and other default channels), the source information is passed to Google never to be seen again.

One way of doing this is to capture referrer information or UTM parameter values, make them persistent across the session (cookie) and pass them in hidden fields along with your transaction.

That way your SQL database will contain a transaction/conversion ID as well as a traffic source you can use for attribution et al.

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