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Product locator tags not showing up in analytics

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We've recently added #flavor tags to each of our products to better track which items customers are searching for. These don't seem to be appearing in our stats. How do we fix this? Our code snippet with the flavor tag is below:


<a href="#BlackCherryLemonade" class="single flavors-ref" data-self-ref="#myCarousel_slide_1468" id="link_myCarousel_slide_1468">
<img src="assets/img/blackcherry_1.png" class="org-image img-responsive">

<img src="assets/img/blackcherry_2.png" class="stroke-image img-responsive">

<div class="svg-container">
<div class="svg-inner-container">
<h2>Black Cherry Lemonade</h2>
<svg preserveAspectRatio="none" viewBox="0 0 10 10">
<path d="M 0,0 L 10,0 9.60,5 10,10 0,10 0.4,5 z" class="svg-border"></path>
<path d="M 0.5,1.25 L 9.50,1.25 9.20,5 9.5,8.75 0.5,8.75 0.8,5 z" class="svg-panel"></path>


 Thanks for your help Smiley Happy






Product locator tags not showing up in analytics

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Clicks on anchor links such as the one in the example are not tracked by Analytics by default. Just as mailto: and tel: or outbound links are not tracked either.


If you'd like to track clicks on those, you should consider doing it with event tracking. You have different options depending on your Analytics implementation:


1) If using a hardcoded Analytics snippet inline on your site, your best bet would be to use the autotrack library (see this autotrack event tracking post) or to insert onclick attributes on all links. You could also write a generic event listener to listen for clicks on those types of links.


2) If using Google Tag Manager, set up a Trigger for link clicks matching that type of link (i.e. click element matches css ".single.flavors-ref") and a tag to send an event to Analytics.