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Product List Name (not set) problem

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When I go to:



Conversions > Ecommerce > Product Performance


Then apply a secondary dimension of Product List name, to get an idea of what lists are driving most sales of particular product.


I get some data back, however, very often a large chunk of the sales (~70%) are from a Product List Name of: (not set)


Initially, I thought this might be users that are landing straight on the product page and buying, but it seems like a very high % for it to be that.


Any ideas what else could it be? Could it be a bad tracking integration?

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Re: Product List Name (not set) problem

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Hi Sam - yes the users who in some further sessions have no exposures with product lists will have it as (not set).

In any case it would be good to do a complete process on staging if possible to determine if the implementation has or has no issues with attributing a sales to a product list.

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