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I was hoping someone could help me with this query I am struggling with. I wasn't sure where the right place for the query was

There are two things I am looking for:

Number of views of a group of pages on the site (e.g. all that fall under /example/) where our homepage, which comes through as just '/', is one of the previous pages viewed? (although not necessarily viewed directly before the /example/ page)?

The second is similar, but how do I view the number of conversions (of a specific goal, e.g. bag purchased) where the homepage (again coming through as '/') is one of the previous steps?

Is anyone able to help me please? I'm out of ideas now!


Thanks any advance

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Hi Pegal,

There are several ways you can view this information.

One way would be to use the Behavior Flow report and build a Sequence based segment, with step 1 being Page matches your home page and step 2 would be page matches the grouping that fall under /example/ (you can specify if you want Step 2 to " is followed by" or "is immediately followed by" Step 1)

In terms of your goal completions, you can use the Conversions>Goals>Reverse Goal Path report to see the pages the user was on prior to completing the goal.

Hope this helps!


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You need to fire virtual pages on the section you want to track, next create a goal funnel

You will get the funnel in the conversion->goal->funnel visualization

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Thanks Grant, I will try these today. I did look under the reverse goal path report but I think it only shows back as far as three steps prior to conversion, unless there is something I am missing...? And even then I could only filter step by step (e.g. all previous step 1 matches "/", rather than all previous steps match "/").

Thanks for your help!