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Possible to to track data entry of a specific field?

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Is it possible to use Analytics to track what users are entering into a field, but NOT processing that field?


Let's say I have a 'user' field, which you would enter a user into, and then click to donate to that user.

It's an auto-complete form that you can enter either a user's name, or their usercode.


Let's say a client punches in either a name, or a usercode, but then does NOT process the page - they simply exit the page.


Any way to track that a name / information was entered into the field using Analytics?


Thanks so much, and my apologies if this is an obvious or already-asked question.



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Re: Possible to to track data entry of a specific field?

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Hi Chris - in theory it is possible but be very careful when storing such data inside GA as PII information is prohibited by terms of service - so in short capturing email, name or similar is not allowed.

Form tracking would require some additional coding - jscript / jquery which would capture the value of a form field on a specific event - beforeunload or similar.

Check this article for some ideas -

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Re: Possible to to track data entry of a specific field?

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Thanks so much - we didn't plan on storing PII of the person using it, just
the code of the user they might want to, say, send money to (or similar).

Chris Boucher - tip the artists

Co-Founder, Actors Everywhere LLC