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Possible to setup per campaign per product conversion tracking?

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Hi all,


My current GTM / Analytics / Adwords / WooCommerce stack is unable to give me campaign level conversion numbers on the product level.


In my GA -> Acquisition view, I can see the number of conversions my Adwords campaigns are giving me, but those not on the product level. In the GA -> Conversions view, I am able to see product level revenue levels, but unable to see for certain which Adwords campaigns are driving those conversions.


(1) I checked my stack, and I diagnose the following. Please advise if I'm correct for these 2 setup factors!

  • The GA -> Conversions -> Ecommerce details is providing product level details due to me using enhanced e-commerce plugins in my wooCommerce store.
  • The GA -> Acquisition conversion numbers are due to my GTM setup where I set my thankyou page as a conversion trigger.

(2) So if I want to see specific product sales my Adwords campaigns are driving, I should be viewing the numbers under GA->Acquisition->Adwords view, and setup a GTM tag/trigger combi for EACH product, and setup those tag/trigger combi as Goals in GA and Adwords.


(3) I also have to take into account that my Adwords campaign for product A can drive a sale for product B, and if I want to see these kind of "cross-product" conversions, I'm limited to switching the the Conversion goals to different products since the primary dimension is fixed to campaigns.


Is this setup plan correct?


Kindly advise!

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Re: Possible to setup per campaign per product conversion tracking?

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before you do any work on implementation please try this approach first - (should be applicable both to standard and EE implementations).

Hope it helps.

Kind regards,
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Re: Possible to setup per campaign per product conversion tracking?

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Hello Zorin,

Thanks for that insight, learned something. Bookmarked your blog Smiley Happy

However I'm still feel "constricted" by this pivot table view. I'm more used to the layout shown in the screenshot here.

Where every row represents Campaign Name | Keyword | Clicks | Costs | Revenue | %CR

So the report shows something like this:
Campaign A | KeywordAB | Clicks | Costs | Revenue | %CR
Campaign A | KeywordBC | Clicks | Costs | Revenue | %CR
Campaign A | KeywordCD | Clicks | Costs | Revenue | %CR
Campaign B | Keyword12 | Clicks | Costs | Revenue | %CR

The GA->Acquisition->Adwords view seems to be the closest candidate LOL.

May I know your thoughts on this?