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Pageviews increases suddenly

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Hi All,

I would like to let you know about changes from web development team before asking my question.


Web development team refreshing page for checking device dimension to show different image size for different device.


e.g If users search any query in Google search box and clicked on website link in SERPs, the page will refreshed again to check device dimension.


after above chnages I'm seeing page views increases five times and getting (not set) in paid keywords section.


**Before changes everything was working fine , Adwords linked with analytics, not using two code, universal analytics code has been used on website.


Is it due to chnages made by development team? 




Re: Pageviews increases suddenly

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Hi Santosh,

Every page refresh generates a GA pageview image request. so if the previous setting for viewing the device dimension wasn't a page refresh, then this might be the cause for the increase in the page views.