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Overwriting incorrect historical e-commerce data

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After research I'm almost sure, that I'm asking about impossible thing. Few months ago I started using enhanced ecommerce in one of my projects. Some time ago I realized that I've made quite significant error in my implementation: instead of Product SKU my script was sending Product ID (from db) to Google Analytics.


Example of my error, while pushing impressions:

'impressions': [
'name': $product_name,
'id': $product_id, // $product_sku should be here, but $product_id from db was sent


Is there any way to revert this? I can pull out SKUs related to IDs from my e-commerce system. Is there any way to overwrite incorrect historical e-commerce data?

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December 2016

Overwriting incorrect historical e-commerce data

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Hi Kamil,


No, Google doesn't allow changing historical data. You can always fix and start tracking the actual data from the day you fix it.