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OMG:Super Challange-How do I do this?

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So far not one GA certified person has been able to solve this!  Can you??


I have a form on a https site.  For medical (HIPAA) compliance we have to use a special 3rd party form.  The form is an iframe form made up of other multiple frames from a 3rd party company that hosts the form on their servers.


I can not add analytics tracking code to the form or the submit button in their form for compliance reasons.


Once a user fills out the form they are redirected to a thank you page.

All traffic to the thank you page is shown as a referral from their server.  I lose all source data of the visitor that submitted info.

I can see goals/conversions firing but I get no data; it all shows as coming from their server as a new session.


What can I do???  Is there any way to keep the session alive regardless?


Thank you!

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Re: OMG:Super Challange-How do I do this?

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If the user's visit originated on your site, went to their site, and returned to your site, then simply add the other domain to your Referral Exclusion List and their return visit will be joined with the original session on your site. That is the purpose of the Referral Exclusion List.

There is a side effect of this, though -- it the session originates on the other domain (they too > 30 minutes before they submitted the form and returned), then the session will appear as a Direct visit in your analytics.
Mike Sullivan, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Re: OMG:Super Challange-How do I do this?

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In most reports (excluding Multi-Channel Funnels) Direct traffic is ignored if there was a previous session from a known source.
So if the return is after more then 30 minutes Analytics will still report traffic as a previous source, but this will create a new session.
And in Multi-Channel Funnels a conversion will goes to Direct channel.