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Not understanding contradictory conversion numbers within the Social reports

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I'm not seeing the conversion numbers matching from 3 of the main social reports, and am trying to understand where the discrepancy is coming from.


Using the same dates for the following three reports:


Social > Overview

Contributed Social Conversions: 6

Last Interaction Social Conversions: 3


Social > Network Referral

Showing 4 converters (have Converters selected as one of the traffic segments).

The 4 converters are all coming from Facebook.

When I click on Facebook to see the conversions on a timeline, it shows them spread out, with the 4 conversions all happening on different days. 


Social > Conversions

Showing 6 conversions for Facebook.

The Conversions timeline at the top shows the conversions as happening on 2 different days, 3 conversions on each day.


It seems like none of this is in agreement, and I'm trying to understand what the differences are that might be causing this. Any input will be greatly appreciated.

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Not understanding contradictory conversion numbers within the Social reports

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Hey Doug, 


Let me see if I can break this down for you: 


Social > Overview: 

Contributed Social Conversions: 6 - Contributed social conversion means at some point they interacted with your social media but it was not the LAST interaction before conversion. 

Last Interaction Social Conversions: 3 - "Includes only conversions where the traffic from a social network was the last click before the conversion, or conversions for direct traffic."


Social > Network Referral: I'm not 100% on this but I believe it's because Facebook uses several subdomains to refer traffic like "" or "" and it could be that they are counting these as different sources. If you want you can modify how Facebook looks at these subdomains in your settings. 


I recommend you check out the following article from Google for more details: 


Let me know if this answers your question! 

- Josh



Joshua, Top Contributor
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Not understanding contradictory conversion numbers within the Social reports

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Thanks, Josh. That's definitely helpful info.


I'm still seeing something that doesn't add up, though.


In the Social > Network Referrals chart, I've added the segment Converters to add conversion info to this view. 


It shows 4 total conversions for my time period, with all 4 converters attributed to Facebook (see attachment GA-social-networkreferrals-4conversions.png). The 4 converters all happen on different days, which you can see in the timeline.


Then, on the Social > Conversions report, it shows 6 total conversions, all happening on Facebook.


Now, I could see the difference between converters and conversions being explained by the explanation on the page you linked to, where they state that some conversions could be assisted and last click on the same conversion, and thus get double-counted.


However, what doesn't make sense to me is how the Social > Conversions chart could have the 6 conversions happening on only 2 days, with the Last Click conversions all happening on the first day, and the Assisted Conversions all happening on the second day. 


Meanwhile, the Social > Network Referrals chart shows all 4 converters happening on different days. 


The page you linked mentioned that there are different data lookback windows between the All Traffic > Source/Medium report and the social reports. However, the discrepancy I'm seeing is happening with two different Social reports.


So any additional clarity on this would be helpful.