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Not tracking 50% of events

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The graph below shows the number of events and event values used for tracking customer purchases that have been tracked in Analytics over the past few months:



You can see around January, the number of events halved for some reason. Other metrics we have do not show this dramatic reduction. As far as I'm aware, we have not changed anything in relation to event tracking over this time. These events are used for tracking goals, so this is affecting our ability to make proper decisions in Adwords.


Up until a week ago we were tracking events using javascript like so:


	'hitType': 'event',
	'eventCategory': 'Conversions',
	'eventAction': 'Purchased',
	'eventLabel': 'Product A',
	'eventValue': 123

Last week I changed to use the Google Analytics Measurement Protocol API in the hopes that this would be more accurate, but it doesn't seem to have had much of an impact and events are still a lot lower than our other bits of data are suggesting.


Is there anything that would explain a sudden drop in events tracking?