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Non-direct counts direct conversions as wee?

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Hi there,


I am new to GA so please bare with me.


In GA, when I am seeing Model comparison between, Non-direct, Last and First interactions. 


I believe non-direct means, it sill shows the conversions, excluding direct conversion for a particular channel/source/medium.


But, in Non-direct attribution model, I can see conversions counting the Direct conversions also under source and medium.  Screenshot . What does it mean direct conversions in non-direct attribution model?


Thanks in advance.




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Non-direct counts direct conversions as wee?

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Hi Bharath,


This is a complicated topic as the attribution in multi-channel funnels is calculated differently than in the other GA reports.  


That is, in regular reports "direct" never overwrites another campaign source.  This maintains paid, organic, referral etc as the last click source if a returns via bookmark or by typing in your domain (or any other method that does not pass a value for HTTP referrer.     


MCF does not follow this model and let's you compare different models and pass different attribution values along the way.  That said,  a user can still hear an ad on the radio for your website, type the url in directly and convert on your site and (without the use of a vanity url and utm tagging)  would be a direct conversion.   The names of the models just refer, in some cases, to how they handle direct traffic attribution.




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