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No values attributed to Facebook CPC's assisted conversions

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I have a Facebook campaign driving lots of traffic daily to the site and I find it hard to believe that all that traffic does not at least turn into assisted conversions.

Analytics is showing me there are assisted conversions but there are no values linked to them. Whereas all my other cpc campaigns show clearly the value of the transactions that were assisted conversions.

Facebook is also recording conversions on their side, which did not even show on Analytics.


So this makes it very difficult for me to assess whether my FB marketing efforts are worth while.


Please assist.

Re: No values attributed to Facebook CPC's assisted conversions

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You should also be aware that FB conversions may be defined differently from Analytics conversions. They're in two universe. Check the bounce rate of your FB traffic first, if it's super high then you should be highly skeptical on your FB marketing ROI.

I personally don't use any assisted conversions to evaluate FB campaigns. I'm a believer of the last attribution model. But I ever implemented some alternative which may interest you.

Firstly I don't know how your funnel looks like. Let's suppose your funnel is visitor->registrant->lead->customer. Since FB is usually at the top of the funnel, you may evaluate FB ROI by cost-per-registrant and an estimated value-per-registrant, which is calculated based on average registrant-customer conversion rate.

One step further, if you want to evaluate your lead quality (take into account that leads from different sources convert at a different rate), you can tag registrants with "First source/medium" as custom dimension, which needs a bit tech efforts.