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Newsletter sign up goal conversion

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I set up a goal for Newsletter Sign up as destination.

I used regular expressions to verify the URI.


So under Goal Details:

Destination using "Regex" is /guestbook.htm -- not case sensitive


Step 1. Home Page   not required

Step 2. Sign Up Page


This goal is working, however, the number conversions to the goal is way off (showing more than actual conversion).

Can anyone advise what I'm missing here...


Thank You,


Re: Newsletter sign up goal conversion

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Hi Winny,

Try "Begin with" instead of "Regex".
If you wanna use "Regex", you can try \/guestbook.htm.*

The reason is that users' URL can contain parameters and may look like /guestbook.htm?id=123&........


Re: Newsletter sign up goal conversion

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Thanks, Marko.
I'll try that and will check if there's further disparity...