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Missing eCom Transactions in Universal Analytics

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Hi all,


I set up Universal Analytics with Enhanced eCommerce Tracking via Google Tag Manager a couple of weeks ago and test it parallel to the classic version with hard-coded eCom tracking. The plan is to update to the new version once both properties show the same data, but I am missing 1-2 random eCom transactions in the UA property each week.


Does anybody have experienced a similiar issue and can help me what/where to check?


Best Regards,


Re: Missing eCom Transactions in Universal Analytics

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Unfortunately, this is quite common -- it's quite normal to find different figures in different types of data collection on Ecommerce.

What's also unfortunate is that there tends not to be one single cause for this sort of thing. It would be helpful to know:

- The % of total transactions that are being dropped. If it's sub-5%, it may be as good as you're going to get
- Is the hard-coded implementation based on Universal Analytics or Classic? If it's classic, bear in mind that the two are completely different data collection methods and hence different numbers are to be expected
- Are session, pageview and user metrics being affected, or just transactions?
- Are the dropped transactions Paypal? Are they the same browser? Mobile/desktop? Is there any determinable pattern?
- Does it happen to all SKUs or just some?

- Are all the Enhanced Ecommerce pushes being sent successfully? If Enhanced Ecommerce is served by a plugin, you might get better numbers by moving to a hard-coded dataLayer implementation. 

It's something you need to chip away at, trying different avenues and possibilities until you get closer numbers. Or, you might find that a dissonance of a few percent is acceptable for your business' reporting needs.

Good luck,


Re: Missing eCom Transactions in Universal Analytics

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Hi Damion,

Thank you for your response. We did some testing in the last weeks, but we still experience the same problems - at least we can provide more information on the issue we have. But first, again, the current setup:

- Property 1: Classic Analytics (hard-coded in the <head> section) with hard-coded eCommerce Tracking
- Property 2: Universal Analytics via Tag Manager with Enhanced eCommerce Tracking via Tag Manager
- DataLayer runs in a Shopware Plugin (fires purchase event and transfers data)
- Multi-Domain Website with automatic Cross-Domain tracking setup on UA, manually on Classic Analytics

We currently face the following issues:

- Despite Classic Analytics is not implemented in all pages we see more visits, but less page views than in UA (which is implemented in all pages)
- We miss out up to 5 transactions in UA (which makes 5-10% of all transactions on all websites)
- We don't see the visit causing the transaction (we see in Classic Analytics only) in UA
- We cannot see any pattern which causes this issue (all devices, browsers, operating systems, hostnames, sources, product catageories, landing pages, countries etc.)

Let me know if you need any further information and please reach out to me if you have any idea what to test or how to solve. Smiley Happy

Best Regards,

Re: Missing eCom Transactions in Universal Analytics

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Hi Manuel,

Thanks for the additional info. It always makes it easier to diagnose problems when they're fully defined.

I think that there could be several issues at play here:

- The increase in sessions on Classic over Universal might mean that manual cross-domain tracking is incomplete
- The different number of pageviews in Classic vs Universal sounds like it's related to the different ways in which the tags are deployed
- The missing transactions, and the missing transaction data (you mention you're not seeing the visit causing the transaction in Universal Analytics) sounds like an issue with the plugin.

It's fairly common to see weird data when an Ecommerce site is using a plugin. I've seen it with Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce and although I don't have direct experience with Shopware, I suspect that this is the reason for the missing transaction data.

The plugin's job is to summarise the transaction and to write details to the dataLayer. If it doesn't do this correctly, or if there's data missing, or if it doesn't do it quickly enough, then transaction data doesn't reach Google Analytics.

For a full fix, here's what I think needs to be done:

- Remove the plugin and replace it with a manual, on-page dataLayer implementation of Enhanced Ecommerce.
- Test to see if the data is more reliable
- Deprecate the on-page Classic GA tags and move everything to GTM / Universal (which should address most, if not all, of the cross-domain and session counting issues.)

This is the only way of cutting out the uncertainty -- and while I can't be directly sure that the plugin is the problem, it's the only aspect of the setup you've described that I think is directly related to the weird Ecom data you've been seeing.

Migrating to a consistent Universal Analytics implementation that doesn't rely on a plugin is your path to freedom. Good luck!