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Missing Analytics Data

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Hello Everyone! I have been using google analytics to track opened emails from my email blast campaigns since more than a year, I have to say the tracking system is pretty good, I'm very satisfied with the results. Since then, I google analytics have gathered for me thousands of records which have helped me in my business decisions and to reach potential customers. I don't have to say how valuable this data is, you all know that very well. Problem is, today I logged-in to see my Data, and I almost got a nervous breakdown when I could not find over 90% of it, only 154 records are left out of thousands of records generated from more than a year of sending campaigns. I'm a computer engineer, programmer and definitely Not a Google Analytics guru, but I know it pretty well. There are no Active Filters, no Custom Views, my account is up and ruining.... everything looks OK except for my data, it is just not there anymore. I have 3 UA Tracking Codes, 2 for 2 websites I have, and one UA just for Tracking Opened Emails. Inside this last UA, I basically have 4 Fixed Campaign Names, which I can still see from inside the ACQUISITION folder. I also use the EVENT LEVEL to show my Customer Custom ID code. This is my tracking Code which have been working great since the first day: img src="" The missing data is just from the UA that tracks my Campaigns, so I would like to ask the Google Analytics Gurus in this forum if they have experienced any data lost like this before. I don't think Google deleted any of my data, it is my understanding that this data stays in the Google Servers permanently and never gets deleted... Right? Could you please help me out to find out what just happened? I really appreciate your Help Best Regards Luigi
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Missing Analytics Data

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Were you at any point in this account capturing the actual emails as events or as any other dimension in your event tracking? If so this violates Google Analytics policy and could explain the missing data ... 


Let me know how it goes! 

- Josh

Joshua, Top Contributor
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Missing Analytics Data

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Hi Joshua,
Thank you so much for your response.


No Joshua, I actually take Google Policy very seriously and I know I can Not do that, I can not compromise my company's reputation and risk any banning or suspension. We are a serious dental seminar organization doing humanitarians missions in the 3rd world countries.


Each one of my doctors's email in my database (which happens to be authorized and legit) has a custom and proprietary alphanumeric ID that I add to the UTM parameters "CID" and "EL" just to track anonymously how many times the email campaign was opened by an specific doctor. That is all I use this for. I do not expose the customer email or use any dimension to get personal information.


We are very careful about following the Google Analytics Policy, so I'm wondering if the Captured Data is automatically erased after a period of time or if there was some glitch that caused a data lost in my account.


What is confusing me is the fact that a portion of the data from the same campaign is still there, just a few records left, but it is still there.
If I were breaking any rules, I think 100% of the data would have been deleted and Google would have contacted me already since I'm using this same procedure since almost 2 years ago.


Thank you for your replay Joshua

What else do you think can be causing the problem?

Best Regards


Missing Analytics Data

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Hi Luigi,


Have you verified the tracking url in Real time analytics? ,  Just curious to know the exact tracking url you generate to be sent via email . you can also email me sample url so I can check in my browser whether the data is being sent to your GA. My email




Missing Analytics Data

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Hi Suradha,

Not in Real Time, but the data is (was) being sent to my GA for sure.

However, I just noticed an Analytics Notification on my Dashboard.


It says:

"Bad Event Tracking Code - error (not set) entry present in reports for property Campaigns"


The Details says this:

"The Landing Pages report has a (not set) entry. A pageview hit must precede event hits in order for the event hits to include the page that they fire from. When event hits aren't preceded by a pageview, Google Analytics doesn't have the page for the event hits, so their page is (not set). Verify that tracking code for property Campaigns sends a pageview hit before sending any events"

What event is this talking about?

This is very confusing, my URL has been working for 2 years and I have no changed it ever since.

Suddenly I have almost all my data lost and this Error message.


Did something change in Google URL Syntax that I'm not aware of?

I will send you a Sample of my URL by email.


Thank you Suradha