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Measuring conversion on another website

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Hi everyone,


I need your help with the following problem related to measuring conversions. So i have a site lets say If someone clicks on the buy button here they go to another site to enter their details and stuff which is let us say when the purchase is complete the thank you url takes them back to mysite so url is (which i have also set as a destination url for my goal lets say goal 5).


Now when i see source/medium for goal 5 it is always pointing to and i have no idea where the traffic actually came from to begin with for example social media, organic or somewhere else.


How would you guys solve this problem?


I tried another strategy to solve this too which is to set up an event which records when someone went to, but the thing is that a lot of people don't complete the purchase. So if there is a way in which i can see which sessions led to triggering an event and at the same time visited that thank you page the issue might be resolved. A small detail that i am however unaware of is if a session expires if someone clicks on an outgoing link which opens in the same tab as the website, or is it still the same session if user comes back to the site within 30 minutes.


Hope to hear from you guys soon.


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Measuring conversion on another website

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You need to add to the Referral Exclusion list under Admin -> Property -> Tracking Info.

Users who are returning as direct will still have that source because direct does not overwrite the referral source. They will disappear as they reach the campaign timeout, 6 months by default.

Hope this helps.

Arnold Majlath, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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