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Keyword conversion path

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I have a question. Is it possible to track users who came from Adwords, from a certain keyword how far they made in my goal path in analytics or adwords?




1) User fills in a form at homepage

2) he lands at a page with different url  "welcome page"

3) then he clicks upgrade accout and lands on a payment site

4) thank you page after paying


I want to know what types users who used different keywords made to step 2, step 3 and step 4. 


Is it possible to track?

Re: Keyword conversion path

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Hi Jakub,

Yeah, this is definitely possible.

A good way to accomplish this is by setting up a custom report and a separate goal for each of your funnel steps (or in your words "goal path").

Next thing your need to do is to build a custom report that segments on your AdWord keywords, sessions and each of your funnel steps.

I have written a short article about horizontal funnels in the past:

You can calculate the conversion rate per keyword per funnel step and also calculate drop-off ratios.

It might help you out here.

Best of luck,