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Is there a way to track intra-page bookmark clicks? ( #bm1 #bm2)?

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I have several "learn more" type links that reveal additional info. They each have a unique a bookmark link  (like   #Bookmark1).

So, if I have 4 bookmarked links within the page:  #1 #2 #3 #4 and #1 gets clicked by 40% of all visitors and the others don't get clicked at all, then GA shows a composite 10% click rate on each of those links.


gAnalytics inpage view just combines all of them (along with links to "subscribe to our newsletter", another bookmarked link on the page)


Screenshot of Inpage analytics

(I tried to embed the image here but this forum  gives me an "invalid html" error when ever I add an image.



Re: Is there a way to track intra-page bookmark clicks? ( #bm1 #bm2)

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It looks like Enhanced Attribution might help but then I have to define an element ID for each link, which is a fair amount of extra work.


anyone know if EA would differentiate a clikc on   Page1.htm#A  and Page1.htm#B ?