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Import offline conversions in GA

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Hi Guys, 


I am looking for some advice please. 


I spend a small fortune on adwords....and it works well for me. Probably a lot better than I am able to calculate at the moment....


I sell a fairly technical product, and whilst I have an ecommerce site around 70% of my order will be placed offline. Alot of users will engage on live chat or over the phone...on occasions several telephone conversations or email exchanges before the order is placed. Live chat is probably the biggest route to initial contact, my team will then often call the user to discuss. Which means that call tracking doesn't really give me enough. 


Are there any solutions out there that will allow me to solve this? I have seen that you can capture GCLID if someone fills in a form which then turns in to a sale further down the line...but as I have said much of it goes through live chat. I have CRM system which I am assuming I can integrate with GA, but not sure how to put the pieces of this puzzle together. 


Thanks in Advance! 

Re: Import offline conversions in GA

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Hey Stephen, how are things?

I think that you'd require an integration from your website with your chat platform. A lot of those chat tools provide useful information about the user: Their IP address, the URL they're visiting and a lot more. You could still use GCLID for this. The idea is to collect the GCLID and store it somewhere, a cookie or something, so whenever the user go into the chat, you pass this information along and see if he is coming from Adwords.

One very useful thing you can use is the called Google ValueTrack. In case you don't know about this, they are paraemeters that you add to your adwords URLs and Adwords will fill those parameters automatically with the desired information. So let's say you want to know the keyword inside your account that took the user to your website, you could have your ad with something like this:{keyword}

Then, when the user click on the ad with that URL, Google will replace the paramter {keyword} for the keyword of your account that was triggered. It's very useful to collect data for CRM. A compete list of ValueTracks is here under "Final URL, tracking template, or custom parameter":

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click