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I need some guidance to understanding my organic ecommerce conversions

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I really need some help here and would appreciate any insight.

Basically I have always known that my site get organic hits and sales. But due to a number of content changes a few months ago, organic is now accounting for 10% (2.52% Conv Rate) of my sales via google search vs 90% paid advertising.


I can see the data and flow on my analytics pages. 

The problem is..

a. I do not know what to do with this information! If they are finding/buying X WIDGET, do I build more product and info pages about them? I am assuming yes, but to what extent and when does it become "too much" ?

b. I really do not know how to dive into this information to pull it apart. Frankly, I am not sure what to look for.


In the end, I understand our improvement to content and seo has helped...but I still need guidance. I feel like I am on step 3 of 10 to take full advantage of this. I do not know how to use this information ( demographics, etc ) to replicate it for other products.


thank you!

Re: I need some guidance to understanding my organic ecommerce convers

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Hi Jay,

Welcome to the world of strategy. How each person "pulls it apart" defines ones strategy, and not one strategy is the same. Strategy is not something you can learn over night, however we can give you some tips to start out.

Splitting up your products and services is usually always a good thing. The reason for this is that it creates one primary topic per page:

ONE PAGE: WIDGETS (About blue widgets, yellow widgets and green widgets)

- WIDGETS PAGE (With excerpts to child pages) :

What this does is allow a page with only "BLUE WIDGETS" to rank independently. So when someone searches "blue widgets" you now have more of a chance to rank as you have a page dedicated to only one topic.

I would only spilt pages if I have enough valuable content to do so. I would also suggest you not over optomise your site by adding multiple pages that make no sense to the user:


Clearly this would be trying to force ranking and Google will not see this as natural. Also make sure that you do not split services that are too similar.

As for the Google Adwords and Analytics statistics. They work well together. You can use AdWords to help you determine the highly searched keywords and the ask yourself "Do I offer this as a service/product?" or "is this a core keyword what will benefit my company if I rank under it?" -- If the answer is yes then I suggest you create a page the keyword and fill it with valuable content that both Google and the user will enjoy Smiley Happy

Re: I need some guidance to understanding my organic ecommerce convers

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Hi Bryan, thank you. This is a big help.
I feel like I have a solid foundation...but I still do not know how to build the rest of the house.
My confusion feels like this.
I know what a house looks like. I know it is made up of 2x4's and 2x6's and other materials. I just do not know how to piece it all together and I lack the knowledge of picking the right tools for the job because I do not know that certain tools exist! Sure I can build something and put it together...but it may not pass inspection.

I sell a lot of beach themed tee's. All our own designs that we make and trademark. So it is great to see these getting purchase organically.
I may be missing something here... and fits my "tool" example above, but I cannot see what the user searched for to hit my site organically? I can see the flow of traffic & where they entered, but how do I find the keyword that they searched for...and even better, where we ranked in that search.


Re: I need some guidance to understanding my organic ecommerce convers

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Hi Jason,

Lets start with the options we do have answers for:

"I cannot see what the user searched for to hit my site organically?" - once you have associated (linked) Analytics & Search Console can simply navigate to Acquisition > Search Engine Optimization to see Queries (your actual organic queries people used to find your site).

"and even better, where we ranked in that search" - Navigate to average position column under the same location for keyword ranking position or use a third party ranking tool such as Rank Ranger to keep track of your ranking positions.

Re: I need some guidance to understanding my organic ecommerce convers

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That works. Saved it, so I am assuming this will gather data going forward? It still shows the option to link search console to GA.