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How to track events or pageviews in a "funnel" across sessions?

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I am trying to track a "funnel" that can happen over several sessions:


User visits

Downloads software

Installs Software

Runs Software

Software reports some events 


I'd like to see the success of this "funnel" but it crosses Session boundaries (i.e., the above happens over more than a single session)





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October 2016

How to track events or pageviews in a "funnel" across sessions?

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Goal funnels in Google Analytics are limited to one session (unless using Analytics 360, in which case you have Custom Funnels that can span multiple sessions).


However, you could set up a range of Advanced Segments on User level (the default is Session level).


E.g. for the "Install Software" step, you would create a segment that includes users who:

1. Visited site at least once (Sessions > 0)

2. Had at least 1 Goal 01 Completion,assuming goal 1 is measuring downloads (Goal 1 Completions > 0)

3. Had at least 1 Goal 02 Completion,assuming goal 2 is measuring installs (Goal 2 Completions > 0)