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How to test install tracking without a live mobile app?

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We're in the process of investigating whether we can completely migrate our analytics from MAT & another analytics platform, and one of the key areas is the tracking users from the ad they came in on, and the first dollar they spend in the app.  At the moment, while we have a few live apps, none are fully integrated with Google Analytics, and some aren't even under our account any more, they're with our publishers (so we can't link the Google Play app to our analytics account).


So, before we fully make the swap, and put all our eggs in the Google Analytics basket, we want to be able to create a custom URL (done), visit it with a mobile device, complete the redirect to the store, then install our test app, with all the Google Analytics, and make a test purchase.  Currently, we're only seeing any data from when the app is installed, nothing coming before hand, the actual UA tracking.


This is a definite blocker for us, as without any tracking, we can't even compare and contrast the two services, and see what we might gain, or are missing.  And just in general, not being able to completely test and record the tracking process makes the likelihood of us swapping over less likely.