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How to setup goals for onboarding registrations, with different URL domains

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I have a normal website URL for Google Analytics; for example,

but want to setup our registration webpages via a different domain: for example.


As will be registered as my Google account, is it possible to setup the goal trackings via the And how do I edit this? - /account?


Need your help! Thanks in advance.


Kind regards,


Re: How to setup goals for onboarding registrations, with different URL domains

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Hi Michel,

What you want to do is regular subdomain tracking. It's easy to setup. Assuming that you're deploying Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager you need to add in every Universal Analytics Tag in section Fields to set field name "cookieDomain" (without quotation marks) with value "auto" (also without quotation marks). And it's all done - your GA would track all of your pages including

However it would not include your domain name so would be the same as To see full URL with domain you need to do one of the following actions:

1. Add "page" field in "Fields to set" section of all Universal Analytics Tags with value {{URL hostname}}/{{URL path}}

2. In the view that you want to see your data in you need to add a special filter that will add a hostname to all URLs. Here is tutorial on how to do this:
You can add filter by going to Administration, selecting View and there you should see "Filter" link in the column below

Additionally add all of your subdomains to your Property's 'Referral Exclusion List' to prevent self-referrals.

Then if you'd like to setup goal tracking on then go to the Administration, select View->Goals and set up goal of destination type. In destination field enter "/account" (without quotation marks). Just remember that you don't enter full URL there only what goes after first "/". So in your example for goal being defined as you need to enter /account.

If there is something more that you'd need to know or some clarification is required - please let me know. I'd be glad to help.

Here is a really good tutorial that encompasses everything that I wrote above: